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The Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association - 2019 Pennsylvania State Interscholastic Rifle Championships

Pennsylvania State Interscholastic

        Rifle Championships

         Feb. 22-24, 2019

      Full Results online at



Smallbore Team Championship


Place                                    Team                                                            Score                       

 1st                               Everett High School                                       2240 – 64X

 2nd                              Conemaugh Township                                   2217 – 44X

 3rd                              Portage                                                        2205 – 53X


Smallbore Individual Winners


Place                         Name/School                                                       Score


1st                              Luke Brambley – Everett                                   578-20X

2nd                             William Ramus – Portage                                  564-18X

3rd                              Logan Marisa – Conemaugh Twp                       564-12X

4th                              Elissa Barron – North Star                                561-20X

5th                              Cailey  Dahlquist – Trinity                               561-13X


Smallbore Position Medalists


Prone                           Luke Brambley – Everett                                    198-13X

Standing                     Keith Fatula – DuBois                                         189-5X

Kneeling                     Luke Brambley – Everett                                     192-5X


 Precision Air Rifle Team Championship


Place                                    Team                                                            Score           


1st                               Everett High School                                   1513-70X

2nd                              DuBois                                                      1495-48X

3rd                              Conemaugh Twp                                        1491-52X


 Air Individual Winners


Place                           Name/School                                                       Score


1st                              Kayla Andreoli-Washington HS                                390-22X

2nd                            Stephen Cessna-Everett                                         389-21X

3rd                             Keith Fatula-DuBois                                               387-18X

4th                             Emma Rhode-Kutztown                                         383-17X

5th                             Allison Klavuhn-Everett                                          382-17X





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