At this Spring Meeting on March 13, 2011 we are honored to have Daryl Metcalfe as our featured speaker. Daryl is our Representative to the Pennsylvania General Assembly from District 12, the southern part of Butler County. Daryl has been recognized as the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s No.1 Conservative and by the Pennsylvania Liberty Index as its highest ranking lawmaker. He is now serving as the Republican Majority Chairman of the House State Government Committee.

Daryl is heavily involved in protecting our Second Amendment rights and sponsors the annual Second Amendment Rally at the Capital in Harrisburg. This year that rally will be held on May 10, 2011. Plan to attend. Daryl had been instrumental in moving the Castle Doctrine through the House in 2010 and is now working for its passage during this session.

Representative Metcalfe is also the founder of This coalition, founded in 2007, serves as a network for our nations’ state legislators to work together to demand that local, state and federal governments secure our borders against unlawful invasion and eliminate economic attractions and incentives for illegal aliens to stay within our borders.

Plan to attend this meeting, not only to meet and listen to Representative Metcalfe, but also to become more actively involved with the Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Association, your state NRA Affiliate.